Alter Heroes Coalition

 OPENING 21 SEPTEMBER, 6:30–8:30pm
22 SEPTEMBER 2018 – 19 JANUARY 2019
Open Thursday–Saturday 1–7pm and by appointment

Featuring: Tomaso Binga, Leah Capaldi, Cibelle Cavalli Bastos, Gery Georgieva, Yolanda López,
Kent Monkman & Gisèle Gordon, Adrian Piper, Tabita Rezaire, Super Sohrab and Super Taus

The group exhibition 'Alter Heroes Coalition’ presents a selection of artworks which explore the concept of an alter ego. The artists included in the show reinvent themselves as unconventional and empowering heroes reflecting on cultural displacement, belonging and unbecoming. The show exposes the constructed nature of identity and challenges gendered behaviours by embracing the polyvalence of reinvented personas.

The exhibition title marks the first step in Super Taus’s intent to form a Super Heroes Coalition – a community of every day super heroes who support each other and unite to achieve a common goal.

Generously supported by Arts Council England.

Download the Press Release (PDF, 163KB)