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From Solidity to Interdependence Workshop

  • Mimosa House 12 Princes Street London, England, W1B 2LL United Kingdom (map)

Opening up quantum theory's impenetrable enigmas, one story at a time.


We start with our hands. Let's check what our hands are made of. Most would say cells, which are made of proteins, which are made up of amino acids, which are made up of atoms, which are made up of protons, and electrons, and neutrons, which are made up from fields. But what is a field? Is it the most fundamental thing that we know of in nature? Or is it only as fundamental as we thought the atom was?

To begin to break down the nature of physical reality and our perception of solidity, the language of physics is very useful. Quantum theory's been around for more than a 100 years, but for many, the theory and the stories it holds within it remains an impenetrable enigma. It's often looked upon with awe, an understanding limited to physicists or scientifically minded people. While understanding the maths takes some training (as with any specialization), understanding the concepts only requires interest and intent and takes us a long way in changing our worldview.

In this workshop, Jaya Ramchandani opens up a few of quantum theory's enigmas (without any maths), starting with what is wave-particle duality, and then chasing participant interests. After gaining a first insight into particles and fields, workshop participants will get into the next phase--decoding the implications of their understanding on the nature of physical reality. They will also question what about reality is not physical, from their own experience. The workshop will incorporate a mix of learning methods such as listening, introspection, self-directed exploration, group discussion, and play. By the end of the workshop, perceptions of physical reality will have shifted, from an idea of something solid to something interdependent.

Participants are encouraged to come with drawing paper, pens, and a laptop to really get into things in their solo learning time. Anyone interested to learn about quantum theory and what it says about the nature of reality is welcome.

Jaya Ramchandani is a science educator, entrepreneur, and curator. She is a proponent of self-determined and interdisciplinary approaches to learning, and organises opportunities for scientists, artists, philosophers, and educators to collaborate.

Part of Tejal Shah's residency at Mimosa House with Anne Nora Fischer, Jaya Ramchandani and Mo Maja Moesgaard.

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